Why on earth would you ever wish to meet a spirit guide?

For support and guidance of course!

This life can be challenging enough without any guidance and support.

Spiritual support is there unconditionally for you!

Often a spirit guide is a soul who has shared a past life with you and has come back this time to guide you. They are usually banging at your door to be met, however will generally give the courtesy of waiting to be invited in first.

Would you like to invite in and meet your spirit guide?

This is one of the amazing activities we do in the course – Awaken and Raise your Vibration   

Meeting a spirit guide certainly raises your vibration so that you can be your actualised self amongst the influence of society and culture. This course starts Tuesday 21st August, please join us!

I have a story to share from our recent holiday in the magnificent Karijini, a very spiritual place right here in our own state!

Before going I was told by a dear friend I would have a spiritual experience there.

I accepted this, yet  decided not to go looking for the experience. Often when we are looking for something we have preconceived ideas and therefore don’t recognise it when it presents itself.

In Karijini , one of our adventures was into Joffre’s Gorge, I nearly didn’t go all the way in as I doubted my agility, however my daughter encouraged me to continue down. Thank goodness!  It’s steep going  down the rocks, then after some scaling of the rock wall,  it opens up to an amazing circular area with a waterfall, absolutely beautiful!

I became overwhelmed with unexplained emotion! Although the view was certainly beautiful it did not seem to be the source of this ‘awe inspired’ feeling. After a time of exploring , we came out of the gorge and ventured  to the rim of the Gorge near the top of the waterfall.  Here I found a space on my own to peacefully meditate about the overwhelming emotion I had experienced. In meditation asking my spirit guides what had happened.

A few years ago an Aboriginal Spirit guide had come into my awareness, however I always felt he stood afar in my peripheral vision. At this moment this particular  spirit guide came to stand on my left side and explained (with a sense  this place “Joffre Gorge” is his birth place, a very special place for him. we came to name him Sun-arise and my coming to Joffre Gorge has brought us together spiritually to connect and work together.

Simply wonderful !

Having experienced that awe inspiring  emotion in the gorge ,without the need for immediate conscious analysis, and then later coming to understand it through peaceful meditation and spiritual guidance, I felt rejuvenated and emotionally clear and now sitting within my heart space. feeling able to move forward from the seat of balance, the heart xo

The experience fully confirmed my life path of sharing the activities we do with the Awaken and Raise your Vibration 6 week course and providing a space and time for like minded people to meet and come back to balance to be themselves.

There is great power in being curious enough to learn new things,

especially those that expand past fear ad bring us into our heart space.

Cheers, love and light

Euphemia xo