Workshops & Courses

Angel Light offers group Sound Healing Meditation sessions using crystal bowls, chimes and gong in the Hamilton Hill, Cockburn / Fremantle Area in Perth, Western Australia

Angel Light Heart & Soul Healing offers a range of workshops in the Hamilton Hill area (close for Fremantle / Cockburn locals) of Perth, Western Australia.

Structured worksops and courses is to gain knowledge and tools for support and simply getting to know your inner and outer self for expansion throughout your body, mind, how your emotions effect your body and shining a light on your souls purpose! Developing your intuition and connecting with Angels and Spirit Guides.

They allow for discussion with like minded people, where you can openly express your thoughts and feelings on a familiar subject, knowing you are with others who have a similar interest.

Then to share your gifts with the world around you. Wonderful to “live your dream”

Please see below for information on our current workshops:

Awaken & Raise Your Vibration

6 week course

Bring your inner journey to life with colourful imagery, to be intuitively connected to your energetic self!

This course shares activities to understand your vibrations and energy – What makes you tick and how the energy in your environment affects your. Bring forward to your consciousness your gifts and what you are clever at.

Over 6 fun weeks, Euphemia introduces tools of meditation, chakra system, using colour, crystals, past lives, time lines, sound and more to awaken and raise your vibration.

Upcoming Workshop Dates: First week Tuesday Oct 22nd 2019

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm

Location: Hamilton Hill, WA

Exchange: $320

Watch Euphemia chat about what to expect from the course in the video below:

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Angel Light is an Approved Training Provider of Reiki Courses and offers Reiki Healings in the Hamilton Hill, Cockburn / Fremantle Area in Perth, Western Australia

Reiki I

Develop your intuition in this one day workshop where you will receive your Reiki I attunement to access the universal life force energy to facilitate hands on healing.

Euphemia runs this workshop in small groups, followed by Reiki circles for support and practice.

Upcoming Workshop Dates: Sunday 17th November

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Location: Hamilton Hill, WA

Exchange: $200

Reiki II

Having received your Reiki I attunement and certificate, take the next step in this one day workshop where you will receive your Reiki II attunement to access distance healing. Learn the balance between mind, emotions and unease in the body and receive guidance on becoming an energy practitioner.

Euphemia runs this workshop in small groups, followed by Reiki circles for support and practice. You will be warmly welcomed  into the practitioner community where you can offer your services to those who may be drawn to your light.

Upcoming Workshop Dates: Sunday July 28rd

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Location: Hamilton Hill, WA

Exchange: $200

Reiki 111 Masters

Reiki 3 – Masters Sunday October 11th 9am to 4pm

Be attuned with the Master symbol, learn the attunement process to on teach the gift of Reiki to others.
Becoming a Reiki Master is a continuance of your spiritual journey enhancing your own life
and those of others in the community.
Guidance and tools provided to on teach this beautiful modality
of the Usui way of Reiki Natural Healers.

Exchange Normally $300, October date $250.00



Reiki and Chakra Balancing weekend workshop

This workshop is for the aspiring Reiki healer ready to enhance their own healing practise with greater knowledge

of the energetic system through the seven main chakras.

The weekend will include knowledge of the chakras with the understanding coming throughh with practical experience

on balancing each of the seven main chakras on someone else. The format will include using a pendulum to recognise

imbalance followed by working with Reiki energy and colour to bring in balance.

It is a requirement to have been attuned to Reiki 2 to utilise the tools of distance healing for timelines and past lives

to create energy flow of the past, present and future.

Each day of Saturday and Sunday we start at 9am and finish at 4pm.

This is a certified course and a certifictae as a Reiki Chakra  balancing practitioner will be presented.

Pendulum Magic Workshop

Do you have a pendulum and would like to know more about how to use it?
Seek simple ways of receiving guidance for yourself and/or for others
Use it to further develop your intuition
Use as  tools to enhance your healing practise

Any more questions? –
How to ask questions is the key to using your pendulum.
For a couple of hours of fun we firstly connect with your pendulum,
followed by learning how to ask questions,
Then putting it into practice for a beautiful connection.

I have been using my pendulum coming up for 10 years since I did my first Clairvoyant healing course in 2010.
Wow that’s flown by!
So I have had a tad few uses, I’d like to share with you.

I use my pendulum in a healing and for guidance of my own.


You will need to bring your own pendulum.

Here are some suggestions to purchasing one.
Choose a pendulum that is made of a natural element, the energy will be easier to align with.
Go into a crystal or spiritual shop.

In our area there is Cindy Louise Spiritual moments -Beaconsfield, Blue Buddha,

Ancient Earth and Freo markets in Fremantle,
plus Chakra Angel Rockingham Road Hamilton Hill.
When you choose a pendulum hold it in your hand and sense the connection through feeling… then ask yourself, is this one for me?
You may have to hold a few to discern the feeling of a yes.
Next step is to book in and join our class!
A wonderful way to spend a few hours doing something for yourself with like minded people!

The exchange for this two hours is $25 at my home in Hamilton Hill.

February 15th 2020

Online Meditation and Journaling course

Starts Tuesday April 14th 2020 at 7pm and runs for 4 weeks in a row.
The focus on this set is to embrace journaling as a means to sort the thoughts processes of

our three minds, head, heart and gut, to create balance in our thoughts, feelings and intuition.

The theme for this set is Universal law stating similar energies attract.

Through meditation we create a vision to manifest and use journaling to record and expand the experience,

to bring the energy of our mind, heart and spirit to a similar energy to bring our vision into reality.

The exchange is $10 each week and will be virtual via Zoom to get me  connected to you and ready to go!

Future dates to be soon announced




Look forward to seeing you in anyone of these workshops or courses!

When the time is right for you xo
Cheers, love and light
Euphemia xo