We will be there, promoting “Meditation” as a key to a peaceful mind –

following on to peace in the body, emotions, environment and ones spirit.

Join us for a free sound meditation session in the marquee at 1:30pm,

for a little chat on the benefits of sound meditation, then simply lay back and

enjoy as Peter and I soak you in the amazing sounds of crystal bowls and gong.

Rosa will be on hand demonstrating her beautiful Crystal seed kits, that she has

crafted from a local timber and chosen crystals to meet five specific areas to relieve stress and bring in peace and harmony.

The areas being

Physical – the body

Emotions – the heart

Mental – the mind

Environment – our planet earth and our relationships

Spirit – Ones own beautiful spirit and purpose.

For $5 dollar over 10 minutes  I will be offering private tailored meditations for one of your above chosen areas. Sooo powerful to acknowledge where energy lays within you and soo gentle to release in a meditation.

From my up coming book I will be providing some images to colour in on the spot,

to share the benefits and focus colouring  brings. Soothing and child like in its action,

yet valuable in its application for the time spent on yourself. Some kindness to self goes a long way.

Hope to see you there, please pass on to anyone you know that lives in this area to come and visit us! we would love to meet them!

Cheers, love and light

Euphemia xo