This earth has so many beautiful aspects, our travels have often left me in awe on how creation has developed in this world we live in.

I was asking my spirit guides on “themes”IMG_5065 for meditation group till the end of the year.

The thought was given, to align the magnificent creatures we came across, to share their energy, wisdom and messages as guidance and healing if required.

Animals. birds, sea animals all creatures, have a unique energy, as do we all, we can choose to hear a message from them, that may align to us on an given day or situation, to lift  and carry us throughout our challenges and joys.

This choice gives us the awareness that we are never alone and that life’s challenges are not because “we weren’t good enough” or we brought them upon ourselves” the perception perhaps our challenges and joys are part of our life’s purpose and soul lessons. Mother Earth offers us protection and nurturing to bring us into our present every day living whilst on this journey.

Our first meditation which happens to fall on the 8th of the 8th (opening the gate) is embracing the energy and messages of the Whale Shark as intended for tonight’s group. I will post this separately – Two more places left!

May you see and hear the beauty provided by Mother Earth somewhere every day in your life.

Cheers, love and light

Euphemia xo