Euphemia has developed  sessions under the banner of clairvoyant healing – for individuals to tune into their rhythm and grace, through the use of a variety of energy and vibrational medicine techniques.

The intention of each session is to provide guidance and healing for each person for what they need at that moment to connect to their truth. Euphemia works from Hamilton Hill, which is close to Fremantle / Cockburn area, south of Perth, Western Australia.

Exchange: $150.00

Relieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stress. By being an open channel and allowing the guidance of spirit we may use anyone or more of the following methods.

  • Introduction to your Angels and Guides
  • Aura drawing
  • Present Life review/ Time line
  • Past Life review
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Reiki
  • Oracle Card readings
  • Three minds balance – Heart,  Mind  & Gut (intuition) Balance
  • Meditation tools designed personally for you
  • Crystals
  • Sound & Vibration Therapy
  • Environmental impacts from relationships and ancestors

By introducing our personal Angels or Guides, whose wonderful energies are all around us. Having a name and a description assists us by creating a close connection, and allows us to know we are not alone and have support at all times. Sometimes loved ones who have passed on present themselves as personal Guides to let you know they are still around.

Colours & Bowl for Vibrational Energy Healing Session Perth

Auras are the energy field around your body. Euphemia uses colour to communicate with the particular Angel or Guide. This gentle process of drawing your aura via the colours shown to her allows Euphemia to interpret feelings and receive messages from the Spirit.

In your present life sometimes an event, situation, or even something that has been said to us can unknowingly have a large impact on us, and this can show up later in life. Although often not seeming important to others, when acknowledged by someone else and a different perspective is given this has the ability to give relief, from physical, emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual stress. Aids one to feel lighter by developing self-awareness, and able one to live in the present to see the joy in  life.

Crystals for Vibrational Energy Healing Session Perth

We learn lessons in life through our relationships and events in our life. Viewing a past life helps us to decode and understand these relationships, as they are often involving a soul we have been with before. Often used to see why we have made certain choices in this life, or why we keep repeating certain patterns. Have you ever arrived at a place for the first time and thought I’ve been here before? You may have lived there in a past life! There are many layers to a past life review, and all have the power to develop our future relationships.

Oracle Card readings give us insight with the wisdom from different Light workers, who have created amazing tools in the form of cards. Intuitively reading a card or cards allow further understanding and discussion.

Cards for Vibrational Energy Healing Session Perth

Crystals amplify vibration and each has its own unique qualities for clarity to offer healing and guidance. Stillness is a powerful place where we can go within, just be ourselves and connect to our true self. What follows vibration is stillness, sound is a vibration and when a sound is played that connects to one’s true self then a place of stillness follows, a place of bliss and peace.

We can never underestimate the power of Divine Light, Colour and Energy. After all, everything is made of energy, and it is through this Energy that we live our lives.