IMG_3327 copyAngel Light Heart & Soul Healing was founded by Euphemia Keisler to share her passion for Energy work with others and to guide them on their individual healing journeys. Euphemia is a Reiki Master, is accredited in Clairvoyant Healing with Chakra Balancing, and has a Diploma of Sound & Vibration.

Euphemia was born  in a small country town in Western Australia into a large family.Looking back, she can remember being very sensitive to other’s emotions in the household. A lot of her life learning came from family relationships during her younger years.

As a child she had a lot of physical freedom and loved to go out riding her bike with friends in the surrounding bushland. This close connection with Nature has always been present and she still enjoys the peace of being in Nature, especially in Western Australia where it is never far away. Her High School years involved attending boarding school in New Norcia, where she enjoyed a new sense of independence and structure, plus developing a love of music and singing. After High School, Euphemia began work in administration and, through a work colleague, met her husband and had four beautiful children.

Euphemia began studying a Reiki course at the age of 24 when pregnant with her first daughter, and after a profound connection with her studies, continued to involve Energy work as an integral part of her life.

Although Euphemia would claim her life has been quite ‘normal’, it has not always smooth sailing. “We all have ups, downs and issues, and life can be very stressful at times. Depression has been one of the things that have plagued some of my family members, and I myself have sought different methods of healing in awareness of this.” It was during this time that Euphemia attended a Conscious Living Expo, looking for something that could help with the stress of everyday life. She attended a small workshop by Clairvoyant Belinda Grace and was immediately attracted to her very simple and practical approach. “I felt really connected to the things Belinda was saying and proceeded to attend her one week workshop on Developing Your Intuition and Clairvoyance, and I just loved it! I found something to inspire me! I learnt more of the use of Energy and Clairvoyance and found these tools enhanced the healing process by being able to view the body, mind, and the spirit and give some relief to the recipient with the combined use of these lovely methods.”

Euphemia now practises Clairvoyant Healing, runs Workshops, Courses on developing these skills, and also writes and holds group Meditation Sessions. This has incorporated well with her working and family life, while giving her the chance to enjoy sharing her experiences with other like minded people.

“Life still has its up and downs, but now I feel I have the support and the tools to enjoy living my life with balance and purpose.”


‘I met Euphemia 3 years ago at the time of my life when I was mentally and physically exhausted. At this time I was desperately looking for answers. When I first contacted her I was very nervous about if I wanted to go down this path again. On my first appointment she guided me into her room and I sat down, straight away she picked up on my fears and how I was feeling. She asked me to lay down because I was so upset and immediately she made me feel at peace and understood how I was feeling and said it was okay at this moment. Her Healing and energy work was amazing. I have been to many people over the years but instantly she made me feel more at peace and in control. I worked with her for many months and I can honestly say now that her guidance has helped me to maintain the position I am in today. When I feel like I am going downhill she is just a phone call away and she guides me back to my mental and physical wellbeing.’  – Anna