Why did I start running meditation groups?

12 years ago, I was in a very busy time of life, 4 kids at school,
working full time, busy husband and ailing parents.
And felt lost in all this busyness.Sound familiar? Then I joined –
My beautiful sister in law set up a weekly meditation group, facilitated by the wonderful Fran. I loved this group, most of the time I fell asleep, however that 20 minutes was very refreshing ,calming and grounding. Then Fran wasn’t able to continue any longer, so I decided to run a group myself, no experience other than having the benefit of being uplifted as part a group.
Initially I set up at Cindy Louises Shop in Willagee (now in Beaconsfield) for a few years, then moved to Bull Creek Community Centre for a year, then off to Balance Chiropractic and then we were able to create a lovely space at home.

Here we are now. I love the creative side of writing meditations and watching the journey of those that attend, to witness how supporting and expanding meditation is.
The different ways of practising meditation has been a huge support for me personally through life’s ups and downs, and we all have those in our stories.

The next step is – a new approach by creating the meditations in a set of weeks to give the continuum and allowing a focus point for learning.
Having each person prebook for the set, gives freedom to explore
during the meditation when one knows the environment they are coming into. This point was high lighted by the recent six week course, where after the first week everyone felt safe to expand on their own journey with being comfortable with the group.
I particularly love the journey and seeing everyone’s light shine.

As well as promoted set dates I encourage private bookings with requested themes, a minimum of 6 people to start a group . For a one off session or a set of weeks. What an amazing experience to share with loved ones, family and friends.

Here are the dates and themes,-

The first set is a similar format to the current bi- monthly meditations with more attention to how’s and whys.
The sets replace the bi-monthly groups.

Set 1 – Lift your energy with the awareness of your chakra system
4 weeks starting July 16th to August 6th
7pm to 8:30 pm
Format – Physical relaxation
Guided with visualisation
Healing with crystal, bowls and gong
Exchange $85.00 for the set – prebookings required
Size of group – Minimum 4 Max 8.
This set is very much focused on relaxation and healing with everyone laying on a mat or on a recliner chair if physically required. A beautiful and deep process to do in the middle of winter to establish a meditation practise and to allow physical and emotional rejuvenation.

Set 2 – Sound Baths
Date starting Tuesday 20th August to Sept 10th 7pm – 9pm
Exchange – $120 for the set, prebookings required.
Over 4 weeks learn why and how to use the gong, crystal bowls and chimes, culminating in a harmonious crystal spiral by week 4.
This is what we would call an “active meditation” uplifting for the
individual and the group, so much fun and covers, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of self.

Set 3 – Awaken and Raise your Vibration 6 week course
Starting Tuesdays October 22nd 7pm to 9:30.
Exchanges – $320, prebooking required.

This courses covers all aspects of my practise and a wonderful journey in the exploration of self, of how you became who you are today on a energetic and vibration level. Its different components are what I am basing the sets on.
Love this journey and seeing everyones light shine xo

Set 4, Yet to be set and themed xoxo
I am very excited about welcoming private sessions,
We did one earlier in the year for a beautiful young lady who was getting married, celebrating relationships was the theme,
the energy was soo uplifting and loving.

I am happy to create private sessions without the sound for a certain theme, simply ask!

Looking forward to the new appraoch and sharing many more wonderful life journeys with you.

Cheers, love and light Euphemia xox

Complete below to join us, please place which set you are booking for in the comment.

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