Over the last couple of weeks
I have been privileged to do
some Sound and Vibration work
with the team at Echoes/Satori .

On Friday evenings session
the sense of energy felt to be one of
“renewal” for all those who participated.

With this sense sill being vibrant around me
I decided to carry it through for our groups
intention this Wednesday .
If there is an area in your life you’d like renewed,
please join us to ignite this energy in your life.

Using breathing techniques for relaxation,
voice with guided words,
followed by crystal bowls, gong and chimes.
A wholeness and holistic combination.

Booking essential, only 10 places available.
Contact via or email. message via phone or FB.

Love for you to join us!

Cheers love and light

Euphemia xoxo

Add Sound and vibration of crystal bowls with the ancient art of the Gong induce a deep sense of%2