Hello Everyone !

Yah! we are back from our lovely holiday in the sun,
in our magnificent country of Journeying to the centre of the earth at Karijini and Swimming in the deep blue sea at Exmouth.
We were fortunate enough to have a great balance of adventure with family and friends and relaxation,
have to add lots of eating and drinking, sharing meals 🙂

The bus went soo well, a dream come to fruition for Peter
and a great time for he and I to nurture our relationship without the stresses of daily life.
I also had a beautiful spiritual experience with one of my spirit guides, Ill share the details later xo
Best of all worlds!
As with all families we have had our fair share of challenges and joys over the years.

We all have a story and it creates who we are.

One of the things I have learnt is to find a way to recognise when life puts us out of balance and find what brings us back to centre. Where we can listen to our intuition and messages from spirit and the divine to guide us.
The magic of every ones story and messages received from many different ways is depicted in the Mandala below.
I am looking forward to sharing some of these ways
to see your own magic,
with the following course of
Awaken and raise your vibration,
we have only 3 spots left , how about it, feeling adventurous!

How would it feel to be deeply connected with your truth and to be intuitively receptive to your energetic self_ Would (5)

What happens when you do something that takes you out of your comfort zone?
 “Your  Magic  happens”