How would it feel to be deeply connected with your truth and to be intuitively receptive to your energetic self_ Would (5)

Lets have fun creating with meditation and colour
To bring your own energy and vibration
into your daily awareness.

Bringing you into the present to
listen to your own intuition,
to enjoy and grow within your relationships
and feel a sense of oneness with the world around you.

 A jam packed 6 weeks, sharing with you all the things I love in my practise, with ease and grace.
1st week – Learning Meditation practices, how to connect with the vibration of your body and record with colour.No Art skills required, your spirit guides you all the way
2nd week – All about your beautiful Heart
3rd week – Your amazing Mind
4th week – The interactions with your vibrant Environment
5th week – Your unique Spirits path and Universal support
6th week – Have fun introducing you to sound and playing some games with colour and numerology

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