Are you ready to “be in a state of allowance” where you get to know your whole self?

Bring your own energy and vibration
into your daily awareness though learning
about the chakra system.

Create space to
listen to your intuition.

Expand your gifts whilst enriching your relationships
and feel a sense of oneness with the world around you.

For 6 holistic weeks I will share with you all the things I love in my practise, with ease grace and gentleness.

1st week – Learning Meditation practises, how to connect with the vibration of our body and record with colour. No Art skills required, your spirit guides you all the way

2nd week – All about your beautiful Hearts vibration, with the help of crystals and introducing animal spirit guides.

3rd week – Your amazing Minds vibration – finding some layers of how your thought processes came to be where they are now, through a time line. Some new techniques to transform thoughts to ones aligned and beneficial for you.

4th week – The interactions with your Environment – how do I give and receive with balance? Awareness of where your vibration currently is, revealed through a past life.

5th week – Shine the light on your Spirits path with numerology.  Embrace universal support by meeting with your Angels and Spirit Guides.

6th week – Have fun whilst I introduce you to sound and vibration, play the gong, crystal bowls and chimes, how do they assist you in healing and your journey within? A fun game to end the evening with colour and numerology.

We can have fun on our journey!

This enlightening, gentle, fun and guided group is small, 6 to 8 people,
for maximum participation and guidance.
Please register as soon as possible to hold your place.
I welcome you with open arms to this beautiful course.
Cheers love and light Euphemia xo

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