A year for optimism and finding the magic in your environment.

With the lifting of last years lessons we are able to view and embrace the changing and expanding landscapes within ones current environment.

Changes can represent the loss of those comfortable guidelines we use to navigate our way in life, and this can seem scary at first!

Lets approach the changing landscapes with adventure and the uplifting feel of this year is to embrace with optimism these changes as they expand into visions you may not have dared to be possible before or even dreamed of. A very exciting time to move forward with ones dreams!

A opportunity to embrace and connect with your environment for messages and guidance , connecting with the magic on offer, by acknowledging where your thoughts are at the time of meeting the elements and listening to what they have to tell you.

Does one of earths creatures appear to you at a time of contemplation? And many more magic moments on offer within our natural environment. Ill give examples throughout the year and perhaps some may resonate with you and provide ah ha moments. Lets share the magic!

Wishing you all much love and new amazing experiences for 2019.

Let the adventure stories begin…………………….

Cheers, love and light Euphemia xo


Flower of the Melaleuca bush is resilient and light to spread far and wide. The bush has many magical healing and spiritual properties.
A positive token for 2019.