4 week Meditation and Journaling course – Angels – Seeking connection, guidance and support.

Tuesday evening starting 2021 TBA 6:30pm

A wonderful way to spend a winters evening
Angels are beings of light, helpers from the universe. There are soo many just waiting to be asked to help!
In the case of working with Angels their light connects with our light, our spirit, and
speaks through our inner wisdom.
Over four weeks we call on the lesser known Angels who have specific rolls.
For example we might ask for the Angel of direction, to help out if we have a decision to make.
We use the avenue of meditation to connect and “listen” to guidance.
Followed by journaling to record what we hear.
Journaling is a simple way to bring our thoughts and feelings to the fore.
When we set the intention, we may receive thoughts and feelings as the answers, this is an Angel speaking through our spirit.

When- 4 weeks starting 7h July
Time – 6:30pm for approx. an hour
Exchange – $40 for the four weeks.
Where – in the comfort of your own home – via Zoom.
I look forward to seeing your lovely faces , 
Start getting some questions together!
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