Connection to Self Meditations – Set of 4 starting in August 2024


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Meditation is an activity that calms the mind and allows one to connect in with all parts of self.

A beneficial activity at a time when you maybe questioning “who am I?” in life at this moment.

Perhaps your life is busy and there doesn’t seem to be time to find “you” amongst your different roles. Or the opposite where there’s not much going on and you are looking for a base point of where to spring into life.

Perhaps you are exploring ways to increase wellness in your daily life.

This series of meditation is designed to get you into a habit of making space to ‘be you” in various and simple ways. Each session will go for approximately an hour, and we focus on different parts of you!

The first three meditations are mindful, where we engage our minds for the activity. The last one being a full sound session where you lay down and just be, a culmination of the all the sessions.

As a practitioner in chakra balancing these sessions involve the activities with me guiding you through the seven main chakras. No knowledge or experience required and expected outcomes. It’s simply about sensing where all parts of you are at and accepting the moment of beautiful you.

There is a ticket price for choosing individual sessions and a ticket for choosing the 4 sessions at a reduced package price.

The first three sessions will be held at my house

17 Heal Street Hamilton Hill. The fourth session will be held at Memorial Hall Cnr Carrington Street and Rockingham Road in Hamilton Hill.

All sessions start at 7pm and go for approximately an hour.

Each individual session is $25.00

Package price of 4 sessions $70.00

 Week 1 Thursday 22nd August – Connecting with your energy. – A seated meditation where I guide you through visualizing your chakras to notice where your energy is at. This will be supported by crystal sound bowls aligned to the seven main chakras.

Week 2 Thursday 29th August – Connecting with your body – A movement and laughter meditation to sense where your body is at and showing how laughter can lift your vibration. This session will be supported by the amazing resonance of the gong.

If you have physical restrictions or limited movement, we can work with that to include you!

Week 3 Thursday 5th September – Connecting with your emotions – A seated and creative activity using soft pastels. This is using colour to sense your emotions. This is not art so no artistic talents required! An introduction to a simple process using colour to notice your emotions. As this is a mediation it is not aimed for outcomes, just to be you and accepting all emotions are valid.

Week 4 Thursday 12th September – Connecting with your spirit – . Your spirit is the essence of you, a combination of all the above parts. This session gives your mind a rest and allows the sound to wash over you and connect you to heaven and earth. Please bring own mat, pillow or blanket for comfort to lay down and relax.

All welcome to these sessions – please check age availability with me

Cheers love and light

Euphemia xox



Please note : Ticket purchases are not refundable or transferable for cash

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Session Tickets

Individual Session 22nd Aug, Individual Session 29th Aug, Individual Session 5th Sept, Individual Session 12th Sept, 4 Session Package

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