The power of this type of healing is in the ability to recognize and allow space for energy that is heavy or simply no longer needed to be released or managed.

Emotional, mental or spiritual events can create heavy energy that manifests within our body and or our energy field. Once this heavy energy is acknowledged it can be processed in a gentle and supportive way to allow a person to move with life in a positive manner.

My view is energy healing is complimentary to medical and cognitive therapies.

By this stage you would have completed the Develop your intuition or Chakra balancing with the pendulum course or weekend workshop and be familiar with the use of the pendulum and how your “sensing” of energy works for you within the chakras.

In this course we use techniques and methods to “sense” what may have caused energy to be blocked or low and find how to release this energy no longer needed.

Some of the techniques we use are, colour infusion, timelines, past lives, personality aspects, automatic writing and more!

This will be run at my home in my healing space, Wednesday evenings 7pm to 9:30pm

Over six weeks starting October 23rd through till November 23rd, 2024.

Pricing – $360.00 with early bird price $300 finishing 23rd September.

Please note: Refund policy.  No refund on change of mind or missed sessions.

Full refund less booking fee with a Dr certificate for an illness

Full refund if my circumstances change and unable to run the course.