Guided sound and chakra meditation Wednesday 27th July 2022 7pm


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These sessions  the creation of continual and consistent sound to encourage the receiver’s vibration to lift to a harmonious state with the sound waves.
This session becomes a dynamic form of sound therapy as it involves using instruments of 7 crystal bowls and chimes that relate to the tones of the seven main chakras bringing balance to ones whole energy system lifting the vibration of ones entire being!
We start the session with breathing exercises to release air and fill the body with freshness. Followed by a guided meditation for a chakra or a  specific theme

Sound meditation
Sound transmits energy into whatever it comes into contact with, such that objects with higher vibration frequencies will raise the vibration frequencies of other objects to create balance. With our bodies being a network of vibrational energy fields, sound penetrates and touches our bodies on a molecular level. When the sound moves through the atmosphere and touches us, it causes our cells to move in sync with the sound wave creating a harmonious rhythm.
A sound meditation may relax a specific muscle before spreading throughout our entire body, or ease a particular emotion before inducing a sense of calm. As sound is a wave and felt throughout the body it is also beneficial to those who have little or no hearing.

Where – The Hub 6163,  1 Starling Street Hamilton Hill

Some mats and cushions supplied. Please BYO if you have them.

040387 3885 for further details.

Cheers Euphemia xo