What is an active meditation?

It is using creative processes to take
your thoughts,
from the normal day to day,
to bring them into the present moment,
creating a sense of stillness and calmness.

Over four weeks learn why Sound and Vibration
are perfect tools for this process,
by playing the crystal bowls, gong and chimes.

As a group you will learn the how and why
of playing these beautiful instruments,
by week four,
the group will be performing
a harmonious crystal spiral.

Creatively calming your mind while
balancing your energy field
through the chakra attuned crystal bowls.
Playing the ancient instrument of a gong,
now that takes you inwards to your place of peace.

This program is a unique process,
to my knowledge not widely available
in a learning set up such as what I have designed here.

Does this feel like an activity that resonates with you?
Enrol to join us!

When – Tuesday evening 7pm to 9pm
first week 20th August – ending September 10th.
Where – my healing/meditation room at
17 Heal street Hamilton Hill
Exchange – $120 for the set of 4 weeks.
RSVP – via email or phone 0403873885.
Cheers, love and light
Euphemia xo

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This was my meditation for today.

I felt a pull to use colour as an alternative to writing and visualising.

In my eyes its beautiful and uplifting. I was able to put my feelings of the moment into a colourful image without having the conscious thought first.

Creative expression is not always about perfection or art.

Its about expressing yourself in a unique and honest manner.

I teach this beautiful method in Awaken and Raise your Vibration course,

and in my upcoming book with the same name.

I suggest having a go… Create your life with colour and uplifted vibrations xo

Cheers, love and light Euphemia xo


Are you passionate about universal energy and healing? This next level atunement is perfect to extending your skills and developing your knowledge.

Reiki 2 Workshop (5)